Special Message:

NWD-Statement on Biden & Kamala-7-21-24

Our Mission

To work for the election of Democrats at the local, state and national level through volunteer activities; to inform the membership of, and to advise action on, pertinent political issues; to encourage voter registration and turnout and to perform certain community services as approved by the membership.


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Where We Work

Northwest Democrats has accepted the following boundaries as our particular area of responsibility:

  • Blanco Rd. to Loop 410 (RED)
  • South to Fredericksburg, east to Hillcrest (VIOLET)
  • South on Hillcrest to Bandera (PURPLE)
  • West on Bandera to Broadview (TEAL)
  • South on Broadview to W. Commerce (BLUE)
  • West on W. Commerce to Callaghan (LIGHT GREEN)
  • South on Callaghan to Hwy. 90 (GREEN)
  • West on Hwy. 90 to the Bexar County line (YELLOW)
  • North on the Bexar County line to Blanco Rd. (BROWN)

However, Democrats from throughout the county and the state are invited to join and participate in our meetings.